Who We Are

People create charities for causes every day, and she wanted to help mothers with the help that she herself, never received.

Addicted to meth for 5 years, from 2005 to 2010 and heroin from 2009-2016. Being sober only for her pregnancies and jail stints, she went through her fair share of different programs. The one thing she found though was, there were many free rehabs, halfway houses, and outpatient programs. The one thing that was missing was detox. These places just put you on another drug and call you clean.

There is only 1 detox that is state-funded in her area, and all they give you is Suboxone and call you detoxed. Most people leave and relapse instantly.

Another problem is, when she detoxes, she ends up having to go to the hospital because the vomiting and diarrhea are so non-stop the only way to not die is receiving IV fluids.

She almost lost her life in 2013, in Maricopa County Jail because they ignored her pleas for help. Eventually, her bunkie Marilyn, a guardian angel, yelled and demanded they took an unconscious Alanna to the hospital. When she arrived, they found she had complete renal failure (kidney failure) and was close to dying in only a few more hours.

Eventually, she decided to get clean once and for all, but detox was costly. There was only one detox she found less than $10,000, and you actually leave clean. She saved her money for a year to pay for her detox while attending college and raising a daughter by herself with no help.

The struggle is real.

Not everyone has the ability or means to be able to do that. If they manage it they may put themselves or their family in horrible debt.

Usually, though, they just continue on with the drug use feeling hopeless. We all know the ending to that as well, jail or death.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that between the years of 2010-2012, looking at 28 states, the heroin death rate has doubled. Now in 2019, it has grown evermore, with someone dying from an opioid-related overdose every 11 minutes!

This program is for those that have tried every other option, and need that extra little bit to get them there. To actually be able to attend a real program, that will actually help them be successful.

This program is for the future of our world, our children. They all deserve to be with their mothers, not bury them. To be with a clean, healthy, happy mother.