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Every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. That’s why donating is so extraordinary when you do it.


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Our goal is to help mothers that can't afford detox, get help. We also help those in recovery services with child care expenses while they receive the help they need.

About Us

We are a new charity. Mothers 4 Recovery is here to help our most precious resource; our children. We help children by helping their mothers get healthy.

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Whether you contribute financially or shop in our store, your donation goes directly to helping mothers in need make a better life for children everywhere.

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8.7 million children in the US live in a household with at least 1 parent with an substance abuse problem. [Source:]

More than ever

Detox is the main reason addicts don't get clean. There are many state funded rehabs but not many options, if any, for detox. Most rehabs don't take people unless they are detoxed so it becomes a vicious cycle of hopelessness.

Putting people on suboxone is not detox!

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Hope is possible

If you are a mother and have been feeling overhwhelmed and hopeless from your addiction plus the lack of options along with financial hardship, we may be able to help. Hope is possible.

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We are here to keep families together. Children deserve their mothers and 275,000 children are taken into the system every year. Most because of substance related issues. We want to try and lower this number.

We are here to help!

– If you are a mother in need of detox and have tried all other avenues please apply. 

– If you are a mother currently in outpatient services or going to rehab and are in need of childcare which you cannot afford, please apply. 

– If you are a family member and are taking care of the children of a mother in recovery or going into recovery and are in desperate need of childcare you cannot afford, please apply.

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Your generosity makes our mission possible, whether you contribute financially or shop in our online store.

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Fundraising helps us help more mothers in need. If this subject hits close to home, you can help by setting up a page or event.

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You can help us get the word out by sharing on social media, or sending someone that might be a good fit for help our way.

Helping mothers and children be a healthy and happy together.

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We are currently working on out 501 (c) 3 status!

Going through the process of becoming a proper non-profit. How exciting! The sooner we get approved, the sooner we can change the lives of families everywhere…..

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